Aerokids Playschool new scheme Pondok Indah caters to children aged 6 months to 6 years old.


Our class is divided into 6 stages. From infant class to kindergarten 2. We will be covering different areas from learning forms of expression such as musical activities, crafts and visual expression, verbal and physical expression into exploring and interacting with the world around us such as linguistic skills, mathematical skills, science and environmental education. We teach children to understand the world we live in by getting into cultural education, safety education and good manners. Practicing a healthy way of living is also part of our curriculum.


Our school seamlessly blends the EYFS curriculum with the Reggio Emilia Philosophy, placing a robust focus on project-based emergent learning. Educational instructions unfold through small or large group projects, offering children opportunities to explore, observe, hypothesize, wonder, question, and discuss their investigations.


Our curriculum is dynamic, emerging from children’s interests, community needs, and observations. Each project evolves from questions and curiosities, progressively unfolding as we delve into specific topics with the children.

Projects encompass various dimensions and disciplines

We value the learning process over product-oriented results, emphasizing continuous observation and assessment.

Perceptive and Physical

All senses are engaged in our projects, creating an immersive, aesthetically pleasing environment that defines the quality of the space


Learning involves emotional engagement and motivation; we recognize there’s no learning without emotional involvement.


Children collaborate, question, and challenge each other, fostering cooperation and collaboration. “Brainstorming” is pivotal at every stage.

Our highly qualified teachers ensure that each child reaches developmental milestones and discovers joy in learning. We blend group and individual activities to provide a well-rounded balance of skills and experiences. Our overarching goal is to cultivate a love for learning, problem-solving, experimentation, and inquisitiveness, laying a solid foundation for your child’s future.


The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework in the UK encompasses seven key areas of learning and development, each playing a crucial role in a child’s early education. Here’s a brief overview of each area: (can draw the below into a chart).

Communication and Language
Physical Development
Personal, Social, and Emotional Development


At Aerokids Playschool Pondok Indah, we understand the importance of providing a nurturing and enriching environment tailored to suit the developmental needs of each child. Our class arrangement is meticulously designed to ensure that every child receives the attention and guidance they deserve.

At Aerokids Playschool Pondok Indah, we believe that every child is unique and deserves an educational experience that caters to their individual needs and interests. Our dedicated teachers and tailored curriculum ensure that each child receives the support and encouragement they need to thrive.


Piazza time

During our school’s piazza time, children are distributed across various activities: some in the indoor gym, others at the invitation table in the locker lobby corner, and some in the reading corner. Despite engaging in different pursuits, they all share one large area, promoting a sense of community and diverse learning experiences.

Morning Assembly

Following piazza time, morning assembly takes place in individual classes, focusing on developing communication skills. During circle time, our early years experts encourage children to take turns, share stories, songs, and dances. The goal is to nurture each child’s voice by enhancing their language and expressive abilities.


Children collaborate, question, and challenge each other, fostering cooperation and collaboration. “Brainstorming” is pivotal at every stage.


Learning involves emotional engagement and motivation; we recognize there’s no learning without emotional involvement.

Provocation and invitation tables

In every class, teachers set up provocation and invitation tables aligned with specific goals and planned activities. They stimulate curiosity by posing questions, shaping their lesson plans based on children’s responses and observations. Teachers engage in both substantial, enduring projects and smaller, focused initiatives to enrich the learning experience.

Snack time & Outdoor explorations

During a wholesome healthy picnic snacks interactions, they generate enchanting moments of imaginative play in the outdoor area. Whether climbing the playhouse, collaborating at the mud kitchen, or producing diverse sounds on the music walls, they express themselves and create a vibrant and engaging atmosphere.

Indoor explorations

Indoor explorations lead children to lessons in various spaces, such as the indoor gym, individual classrooms, or the light atelier. Encouraged by the Reggio Emilia-inspired environment, children delve into activities that fuel their curiosity, fostering a dynamic and engaging learning atmosphere.

Extra curricular activities

Our intentional activities, encompassing all extracurriculars, enable children to explore and engage with their interests. These extracurricular activities (ECAs) are designed for Aerokids children eager to expand their learning beyond regular school hours.