Why Choose Us?

Learning powered by play

We respect the capabilities of children and their innate ability to wonder, investigate and direct their own learning. Teachers listen, observe and provoke thoughtful investigation to follow the interest of the children. Play-based learning enhances children’s academic and developmental learning outcomes.

Parent Communication App

Our parent communication app keeps you informed about your child’s growth as well as school activities and notifications. We regularly share photos and anecdotes, which you receive in your cellphones.

Safe and Quality Facilities

Our school is fully equipped with all the facilities and materials the children need with air-purifiers. This includes age-appropriate furniture and play-learn materials . Our facilities are clean, safe, well maintained and cared for.

A Stimulating Play-learn Environment

We are committed to apply different approaches that fits the children in different areas of learning. Our teachers are trained to do the process to stimulate the development of the children’s key skills.