Aerokids see its roots into Reggio Philosophy of education. Through this approach, the child is seen as competent and capable, and this image of the child resist at all interactions and is reflected in our learning activities. Our approach puts the child at the core and comprises of an interconnected partnership between the family, school and community, collaborating to foster children’s’ learning, development and understanding of the world. Our educational approach places a strong emphasis on Project-based emergent learning that continually draws back upon the children, community, families and background as frame. Much of the educational instructions takes place in the form of small or large group projects where the children have opportunities to explore, observe, hypothesize, wonder, question, and discuss about their investigations and discoveries.

Aerokids children learn through projects, hands on explorations and play. Our highly qualified teachers ensure that all our children reach developmental milestones and find joy in learning and knowledge. Group and individual activities are blended to provide a balance of skills and experience for your child.

Our approach is to foster a love of learning, problem solving, experimentation and inquisitiveness to provide a solid foundation for your child’s future. The emphasis is on learning through play in an environment, recognized as the third educator, planned to stimulate discovery, independence and social interaction. Children are encouraged to help themselves, take initiative and become increasingly independent in order to develop self-esteem and social competence. It is important that children develop a sense of trust and are comfortable in their environment.

Zerosei Project support

With the guidance and mentorship from our Pedagogista (Curriculum Consultant), our educators and families are supported towards a pedagogical understanding of children in their care through professional development and daily constructive communication, to cultivate an atmosphere of reciprocal respect, co-research, and intentional teaching.

The image of the child

Every child is seen as resilient, confident and competent. We believe that children can express their own ideas, make independent choices and are able to play and work well with others. In this concept resides our focus on the children’s autonomy and on the importance, we give to the children’s opinions and choices.

The role of the educators

The role of the adult is to support them in the initial planning and to provide open-ended materials, tools and resources which will encourage the children to develop a divergent thinking, improve the self-awareness, being able to make associations, express their opinions and cooperate within the group.