Welcome to Aerokids Playschool!

Aerokids Playschool started in 2018 with an aim to provide an everlasting learning that is not common which is to educate not just students but parents about the importance of early learning. As we continue using the play-based education through creative learning curriculum and incorporate activities that benefits our children, parents now are no longer skeptical about sending their babies as early as 6 months to our school.

Our vision is to provide an experience like never before for all the infants, toddlers, as well as parents. We want to be the one to see their many firsts as seeing them grow brings so much pride to our learning environment. We believe that children develop naturally when provided with developmentally appropriate experiences and safe environment. They will also receive genuine love and care from our highly qualified teachers for them to be happy and to look forward to come back to school the next day.

At Aerokids, the emphasis is on learning through play in an environment planned to stimulate independence, discovery and social interaction. Children are encouraged to help themselves and take initiative in order to develop self-esteem, social competence and become increasingly independent. The learning and development of the children is not restricted to the internal setting of the classroom but extends to our large and safe outdoor play area. We view the external environment as another classroom. This allows the children to explore their surroundings and exercise their imagination.

Aerokids is noted for its small and family orientated environment which many parents prefer to be their child’s first school experience.All of the staff & management are committed to the continual development of the playschool – both in terms of constantly reviewing the curriculum and investing in the school’s education resources & physical infrastructure so that they can provide the best educational environment for the children.

Our expert team of early childhood professionals guide families through an engaging and meaningful experience, leading your child on a journey through story telling, song, music, creative use of materials and textures, in a warm and nurturing environment.

We are always committed to partnering with parents to ensure the best care and that each child progress beyond expectations and develop holistically with positive character values and deep learning. Our teachers and staff are equally committed to the Aerokids community.

We hope you and your children will enjoy the experience of being a part of our vibrant community as we continue on our journey to a better future.