Meet Our Founders & Team

Malty Harjani
Founder of Aerokids

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arts (Media, Communication and Liberal Studies) from University of Oklahoma and a Diploma in early childhood care and education from MMI London. Being an educator for the past 9 years, she has always been dedicated to providing exciting learning experiences for children which actively engage their curiosity and help them to become independent, lifelong learners. She started Aerokids in 2018, as an enrichment centre and in the midst of the global pandemic she has expanded Aerokids into a wider curriculum and relocated it into a larger scale preschool.

Her team has been carefully selected for their dedication to pursuing educational excellence and their commitment to supporting student’s growth. She believes that education is not a process of pre-packaged knowledge digestion, it is an active process and Aerokids will offer children interactions with real-life experiences that are tangible, meaningful and interactive.

Anisha Adnani
Co Founder of Aerokids

As an environmentalist and a strong believer of the Reggio Emilia Philosophy. Anisha believes that every child has his/her own innate potential and after 16 years of working in the educational field, it is evident that the best way to teach children is to spark their interest. Aerokids playschool, value every individual’s strengths, talents and interests and they aim to cater to every child’s personal needs.

The play based approach allows the teachers to provide a range of learning experiences in order to engage, motivate children and unlock their creative talents. Another integral part of the vision is to promote social responsibility and kindness to all in the Aerokids community